At The Slow Label, we have strong ethical and environmental values. We only partner with suppliers who have gone through our supplier assessment and have proven to complying with our high environmental and social standards. Our team uses our Supplier Code of Conduct to conduct assessments at new and existing facilities. All suppliers, contractors and subcontractors in tier 1 (garment assembly) and tier 2 (mainly fabric mills) have to complete our assessment.

We implemented this new supplier assessment strategy in April 2021. Our main suppliers and manufacturers have already started the process and we are hoping to assess all known suppliers by the end of this year. While doing so, we will transparently track our progress here. 


➞ Read our Supplier Code of Conduct.

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Basics Manufacturer Lithuania Process started
Coat & Dress Manufacturer
Pants & Jacket Manufacturer Portugal  APPROVED
Knitwear Manufacturer Slovakia Process not started



Mill 1
Basics fabric Process started
Mill 2
Greece Sweatpants fabric Process started
Mill 3
Turkey Woven organic cotton fabric Process started
Mill 4
Turkey Woven tencel fabric Process not started
Mill 5
Turkey Rewoven tencel fabric Process not started
Mill 6
Germany Pants Process not started
Mill 7 Germany Coat fabric Process not started



Supplier 1 Italy Sewing thread Process not started
Supplier 2 Germany Labels Process not started
Supplier 3 Germany Buttons Process not started
Supplier 4 Germany Interlining Process not started
Supplier 5 Austria Rubber bands Process not started
Supplier 6 Italy Zippers Process not started



 Dye House 1 Austria Knitwear Yarn Dyeing Process not started



Supplier of Mill 7 Germany Process not started