Sunglasses THE COMMITTED Oak Havana

We teamed up with VIU Eyewear to create a collection of sustainable and timeless sunglasses, handcrafted in Italy. Boasting a classic butterfly silhouette, these sunglasses make a chic, stylish statement.
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Premium Quality

Sunglass Lenses

Non-reflective transparency

Prevents bothersome glare

Robust Surface

Perfectly protected against scratches; repels water and dust

Individually ground and coated

Corrective, polarised or mirrored lenses

Best UV protection

Filters out dangerous radiation and protects against glare

High-quality material

Acetate Renew

96% sustainable components

Made from certified recycled material, bio-based cellulose and biological plasticisers

Molecular recycling

Hard-to-recycle plastics are recycled through a revolutionary process

Reduced CO2 emissions

One third lower carbon footprint compared to traditional acetate