Washing Woolen Garments

Wool has temperature-regulating and self-cleaning properties, is breathable and doesn’t absorb odors, so you won’t need to wash your woolen garments very often. Most of the time, it will be enough to opt for air-cleaning by gently shaking your woolen clothes, or laying them flat on a chair overnight.

When your woolen clothes do require additional cleaning, always make sure to check the care label inside the item. You may wash items like woolen pants, jumpers, and tops by hand using cold water and eco-friendly wool laundry detergent. Avoid harsh detergents and bleach, as those can damage the delicate material. Also, avoid rubbing and scrubbing during the washing process, as this can cause surface wear.

Cleaning the Wool Overcoat

Air-clean heavy items like our Wool Overcoat by laying them on flat on a chair overnight or shaking them. If your wool overcoat needs additional cleaning, carefully spot-clean it with some eco-friendly wool laundry detergent, water, and a clean cloth, or take it to a local dry-cleaner. You may iron the Wool Overcoat at medium temperature.

Drying Woolen Garments

Never wring or hang-dry, as wool stretches easily, especially when damp. Instead, roll your woolen garment in a clean and dry towel before gently pressing it. Once the towel has absorbed the excess water, carefully ease your clothing piece into shape and lay it flat on top of a dry towel or a drying rack. Do not place your woolen garment near or on top of a heater as too much heat can damage the delicate fibers and result in shrinkage.

Ironing Woolen Garments

Generally, you may iron wool gently at medium temperature, however, please always refer to the care label inside the item.

Pilling and Pulled Yarn

While wool will soften with each wear, it might also start to show ‘pilling’ – small pieces of fluff that occur particularly in areas that are subject to friction during wear. Sometimes you may also snag your knitwear on jewelry or other objects and pull a thread loose. You can read more about what to do about pilling and pulled yarn here.