Pricing: Straight Leg Pants

We believe sustainability goes hand-in-hand with transparency. You should know what you are paying for so you can better understand the value of the garments you buy.

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 Materials: This cost includes the purchase of the fabric, threads, labels and interlining. 18.08 €
Labor: This is the price we pay the factory to produce this garment. It does not include sampling and design costs. 25.80 €
Company Cost: Our markup allows us to pay for our company expenses and invest in future products. This cost also includes the design and sampling expenses. Learn more here. 59.15 €
Logistics: Logistics include the transportation of goods, fees, packaging and storage costs. 9.07 €
Tax: We pay 19% German sales tax. 21.55 €
Donations: We donate 1% of the gross sales of this product to selected NGOs. Read more about it here. 1.35