Transparency: Organic Wool Knitwear

This is the transparency page for our Wool Knitwear. Below you can find information on the composition and supply chain of the garments as well as care instructions for more clarity on how to wash them. We hope this in-depth transparency page will help educate you on the make-up of the garment(s) in your closet and answer any questions you have.

Material Composition

Main Material

100% certified organic wool
Fiber Origin South America
Yarn Spinning Europe
Dye Works Vienna, Austria
Supplier Vienna, Austria


Sewing Thread

100% cotton


Size, Logo and Care Labels

100% organic cotton
Fiber Origin ?
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany


Dust Bag

100% certified organic cotton
Fiber Origin Uganda / Kirgistan
Spinning Germany / Turkey
Weaving Czech Republic
Sewing Thread 100% TENCEL
Printing Poland


Made in Slovakia

The knitwear collection was knitted in Slovakia and our dust bags were made in Poland


The 100% organic wool yarn for our knitwear pieces as well as the 100% organic cotton fabric for our dust bags are certified organic. We only buy and work with certified organic wool.

However, because our products are only certified until a certain stage in the manufacturing process (for example: the material and spinning process are certified), but our end product does not have a certification, we are not allowed to name the specific certifications and license numbers that these materials do have. This is unfortunate, because we would like to give you as much transparency and insight as possible. But we need to comply with the rules. 

Nonetheless, our certification guarantees that the wool we buy is mulesing-free. 


Only wash when necessary, try to spot-clean or air-clean primarily. When it needs a wash, please only hand wash it cold using eco-friendly wool laundry detergent. Dry flat and never wring or hang-dry, as wet wool stretches easily. But most importantly: The less you wash it, the longer it lasts! 

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