Guppyfriend Washing Bag


The GUPPYFRIEND™ Washing Bag is a scientifically proven solution to avoid microfibers making their way from washing machines into our waterways. Synthetic materials give off microfibers (small plastic particles) when washed, which are too small to be retained in the sewage treatment plants and eventually end up in our rivers and oceans.

This washing bag is a practical and effective way to reduce plastic pollution. It is a self-cleaning fabric bag, made of Polyamide 6.6, which is a micro-filter material.

How it works

Simply put your synthetic garments into the GUPPYFRIEND™, close it up, place it into the washing machine and wash as usual. Hang-dry your clothes afterward and remove the released microfibers from hems inside of the bag. Dispose of it properly.

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Material Breakdown

Main fabric: 96% certified organic cotton, 4% degradable elastane
Yarn spinning: Turkey
Fabric mill: Germany
Dye house: Germany
Dyeing method: GOTS approved dyes

Pocket bag: 100% organic cotton, made in the Czech Republic
Interlining: 100% viscose (eco), made in Germany
100% corozo, made in Europe
Zipper: Organic cotton band (cotton from India), metal zipper (made of zamak and brass from Europe; azo- and nickle-free), made in Italy 
Sewing thread:
 100% lyocell TENCEL™, made in Italy
Labels: 100% organic cotton, printed in Germany

Price Breakdown

Materials: 18.08 €
Labor: 25.80 €
Company Cost: 59.15 €
Logistics: 9.07 €
Tax: 21.55 €
Donations: 1.35 €

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Garment made in Portugal.
Fabric woven in Germany.