Transparency: Basics

This is the transparency page for our Oversized Boxy Tee, Fitted Tee and Inside-Out Sweatshirt. Below you can find information on the composition and supply chain of the garments as well as care instructions for more clarity on how to wash them. 

Material Composition

Main Material

100% certified organic cotton
Fiber Origin India
Yarn Spinning India
Dye Works Lithuania
Knitting Lithuania


98% certified organic cotton, 2% elastane (biodegradable Roica V550)
Fiber Origin India
Spinning India
Knitting Lithuania

Sewing Thread

100% cotton

Size, Logo and Care Labels

100% organic cotton
Fiber Origin ?
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany


Made in Lithuania (certified)

Our Basics are made in Lithuania. We work with a vertically integrated manufacturer, which means they not only focus on manufacturing garments, but they also knit and dye our fabrics in-house. Their team consists of 233 women and 28 men with an average age of 46 years. 

When asked which actions they take in order to become a more environmentally-friendly company, they named the following points: 

  • We managed to save 60% of our water use in the last three years
  • Since February 1st 2020, we only use green electricity in our manufacturing plant
  • We recycle as much as we can. 100% of wool pattern wastes are fully recycled. 
  • Organic and recycled fabrics are our main interest at the moment. That is why we are experimenting with different hemp blends, recycled polyester, organic wool, organic cotton etc.


Both the organic cotton as well as the dyeing and production processes are certified. However, we do not currently have a certification for the final garment. We are working on obtaining it!

Because our products are only certified until a certain stage in the manufacturing process (for example: the material and spinning process are certified), but our end product does not have a certification, we are not allowed to name the specific certifications and license numbers that our materials and production do have. This is unfortunate, because we would like to give you as much transparency and insight as possible. But we need to comply with the rules. 


You may wash your The Slow Label Basics at 30ºC, but washing them cold and therefore preserving energy is a good option too! We'd like to share some general guidelines for washing garments with the least environmental impact. Following this procedure will preserve the quality of your garments as well as energy and water. 

  • Wash only when necessary
  • Wash the same colors together
  • Wash cold 
  • Wash inside out
  • Use mild and organic detergents
  • Avoid conventional fabric softeners
  • Avoid tumble dryers
  • Hang-dry immediately
  • Iron inside out if necessary
  • Treat stains immediately

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