➞ Assessment Status: Completed & approved. Last visited by The Slow Label in 2021.

Working hours: max. 8 hours per day
Working days: max. 5 days per week
Vacation days: 30 days per year
Products: Coats

This traditional fabric mill in Germany is responsible for the spinning, weaving and dyeing of our organic wool coat fabric. It is a family-run factory, which was established in 1644! 

We have forwarded the following questions to our contact at the fabric mill in Germany and have compiled the answers below. Is there anything else that you would like to know? Please get in contact! 

How many employees do you have, what percentage are women and what's the average age?

Out of our 80 employees around 40-50% are women. Our youngest employee is 16 and our oldest employee is 62. 

How many hours maximum do the workers work per day?

8 hours maximum per day. 

How many vacation days do the employees have?

Our employees have 30 vacation days per year. 

Which certifications do you have?

We are GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

How is the wool being dyed?  

The wool is being dyed using certified sustainable dyes.  

What does the supply chain for the product look like before it gets to you? And are there any outsourced production steps along the supply chain?

Our certification certifies the whole supply chain from the raw material to the finished fabric. The certified organic wool comes from Argentina and is spun in our spinning mill in Forst (Germany), then the finished yarn comes to us, is woven, milled and finished (dyed) by us.