Improvement Efforts

We strongly believe in the power of self-reflection in order to create positive change and are committed to continuous improvement. In order to transparently share our current shortcomings and action plans to combat those, we have created this page.

You as a customer play an important part in this. We do not only want to self-reflect  we want to incorporate your feedback in this process. Please send us any suggestions to


Project: Barcode stickers

Issue: The barcode stickers on our hangtags are currently made of synthetic materials.

Action steps/Solution: We have communicated to our barcode sticker supplier the need for a more sustainable solution. Our supplier has since started testing alternative materials.


Project: Plastic zipper

Issue: The zipper for our Wide Leg Pants was made of non-recycled synthetic materials.

Action steps/Solution: After testing many different options, we finally found a sustainable, good quality alternative. We replaced the virgin plastic zippers with YKK NATULON® zippers made from 100% recycled PET Tape, polyester teeth, and a metal slider. The NATULON® mechanically recycled zipper is made from more than 99% post-consumer recycled material. The zippers are made in Portugal. 


Project: Summer 2020 collection thread

Issue: We tried using sewing thread made of TENCEL™ fibers, which would be the most sustainable option. However, we could not find a supplier that catered to our high quality standards. We found all TENCEL™ Lyocell sewing threads to be weaker, resulting in loss of color and loss of elasticity after a single wash. 

Action steps/Solution: We have successfully switched to recycled polyester thread and cotton thread (depending on the factory) and have stopped using TENCEL™ Lyocell sewing threads. This resulted in less quality complaints and products that last longer. 


Project: Collection size range

Issue: When we launched in 2019, our sizes only ranged from XS to L. This does not cater to all customers and needed to be extended. 

Action steps/Solution: We have since expanded our size range to XXS-XXL for most of our products and designed our clothes (current and upcoming) to be more suitable for various body types. 


Project: Size representation

Issue: We currently try to shoot our products on models wearing different sizes, but are often unable to do so for several reasons. As we are still a small brand, we don't have the budget to shoot our products on multiple models and order photoshoot samples in multiple sizes. 

Action steps/Solution: We see the need for a wider representation of sizes and body types and are actively looking for models wearing size L, XL and XXL. If you are interested in working with us, please reach out to us