India * 




Salary: 75 INR per hour (paid monthly, not per hour)
Working hours: max. 6 hours per day
Working days: max. 5,5 days per week
Vacation days: 28 (based on 6 hours daily and 5,5 working days per week)
Further services: free educational programs (e.g.literacy courses, english lessons; how to build your own business....); micro-credit groups; company-intern pension; company intern health insurance and health benefits; subsidized, interest-free loans for all employees

Products: Drawstring Pants, Drawstring Shorts, Gathered Midi Skirt, Woven Tee Dress, Woven Tee, Bindle Bag, Crossbody Bag

➞ Assessment Status: In progress. Last visited in 2024 by our production partners.

* The three workshops are located in Chittapur, Londa, and Hyderabad. 

In 2024, we launched out first collection that is produced outside of Europe. For the production of these styles, we have partnered up with Jyoti Fair Works. Jyoti is a German company, collaborating with local Indian NGOs such as Jyothi Seva Kendra, Nava Chetana Kendra, and Access Foundation to provide secure employment and training opportunities for women in three stitching workshops in South India.

By partnering with them, we can be sure our production meets the highest standards of fairness and transparency. Jyoti's dedication to social responsibility aligns with our values at The Slow Label. They offer fair wages, continuous training, and health benefits to their workers, supporting a more inclusive and sustainable fashion industry. By working with them, we aim to make a positive impact on the communities involved in our production process.