At The Slow Label, we believe in paying a fair price. We do our best to offer fair compensation to everyone along our supply chain and aim to always share the price make-up of our garments transparently with you so you can understand the true cost of the products you buy. You can also read more about why Fair Fashion is more expensive in this blog post.

We are mindful of the fact that many incredible people are involved in making each piece of clothing come to life. The appreciation of everything that goes into making high-quality clothing is why we are very mindful about putting our products on sale. 

While we understand that sales are sometimes necessary, we also want to be mindful of the negative impact overconsumption, often fuelled by steep discounts, can have on the planet and people.

But what is the negative impact of overconsumption? And how can we make sales more sustainable?

The negative impact of overconsumption

The average consumer now buys 60% more items of clothing than in 2000, but each garment is kept for only half as long. It’s these buying habits that contribute to the 39 million tonnes of post-consumer textile waste that is generated worldwide each year.

What happens to these discarded clothes? Currently, only around 20% are recycled or sorted, while a staggering 80% either end up in landfills or will be incinerated. You can read more about what happens to your clothes at the end of their lives here.

It’s also important to keep in mind that a lot of brands are only able to offer their products at lower prices because garment workers are being paid well below the minimum wage. As author and journalist Lucy Siegle summed it up in the documentary ‘The True Cost,’: ”Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying.”

How can we make Sales more sustainable?

As consumers, we’ve become used to discounts, sales, and low prices and brands have adopted sales and discounts as a marketing tool to boost sales; the cycle can be hard to break. But together, and by being mindful of the impact of our choices, we can change the system. So, how can we and other fashion brands make sales more sustainable and how can you, as a consumer, be more mindful about your purchases? Here are some ways:
  • Mindful sales. At The Slow Label, we believe in conscious consumerism and choosing wisely, so we only put styles on sale when they really need to go.

  • Transparency about the true cost of garments. As a fashion label, we can do our part by being transparent about the price make-up of our products to help you understand the true cost of a garment. Being aware of how much it costs to make a piece of clothing is the first step toward valuing our clothes and the people who made them.

  • Conscious purchases. It goes without saying that buying only what you truly need is the number one step to minimizing overconsumption and textile waste. Before purchasing something, think about whether you already own a similar item, and try to come up with a couple of different outfit ideas with the garment.

  • Avoiding impulse purchases. We get it - it can be really tempting to buy products when they are on sale, but it’s important to not buy something simply because its price is discounted. Always consider whether you really love the clothing item - ask yourself: ‘Would I also purchase this if it wasn’t on sale?’

  • Spreading the word. Sales and discounts have become completely normal. By reminding others to be conscious consumers and spreading the word about the impact of overconsumption, we can change the fashion industry for the better, one step at a time.


Common Objective - Fashion and Waste: An Uneasy Relationship

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