As a brand, we believe that we should be held accountable for the lifecycle of our garments. This is why we are launching The Slow Label Pre-Owned, our take-back program.

We intend to extend the lifecycle of our much-loved garments by giving them a second life. This is how it's done: Once an item is returned and the quality is approved, we offer it as a "Pre-Owned" option on the original product page. So you can make an easy decision between buying new or pre-owned.

Fixing an inherently unsustainable business model and solving the textile waste problem is not easy - it takes a collective effort and shared knowledge. That's why we are excited to be part of the Closed Loop Pilot together with other trailblazers in the sustainable fashion industry. We are hoping to gain insights into how a truly circular business model could revolutionize the fashion industry.

So bear with us, we are only in the beginning stages! So far, only our Circular Tee is part of this program. Once we have gained enough insight, we are hoping to expand!

This is how it works

Step One: Wear & Love

Step Two: Scan

Step Three: Take Survey

Step Four: Wash

Step Five: Fold & Return

Step Six: Receive Gift Card

Pre-Owned FAQs

Which items are part of The Slow Label's take-back program?

We are still in the pilot phase of this project, testing how the reverse supply chain works for our business. Therefore, only the Circular Tee is part of our take-back program at this time.

Why does the Circular Tee have an NFC-tag sewn in and how do I scan it?

If you have purchased the Circular Tee, you might notice a small button sewn into the hem. It is barely noticeable, but serves a very significant purpose.

To scan it, simply hold your unlocked phone onto the NFC button. This will open up the circularity.ID® page, which shows origin and exact material composition of the Circular Tee, explaining how it can be recycled or sent back to The Slow Label.

This information is not only interesting for consumers, but also incredibly useful for recyclers and textile sorters who deal with a complex and opaque fashion system and question the exact material make-up of hundreds of garments every day.

Our sorting facility also benefits from this technology. Together with FairWertung e.V. and, our sorting facility has installed intelligent sorting stations, which detect NFC-tags and display all relevant information immediately.

Thanks to the improved sorting quality, we are hoping to be able to serve higher-quality reuse or recycling percentages.

How can I send something back to you?

1. Please fill out our short questionnaire. Once we receive your response, we will send you an email with a free shipping label to the email address stated in the questionnaire. ⁠

2. Wash, fold and pack your T-Shirt neatly in a small package. Attach your shipping label on the outside of the package and drop it off at your nearest DHL location.

3. As soon as your package arrives at our sorting facility, the T-Shirt's quality will be inspected. You will receive a 5 Euro voucher sent to your email address if the Circular Tee qualifys for resell. If the quality is insufficient, we will send the T-Shirt to a textile recycler. Either way, you will be informed via email!

Who have you partnered up with for this pilot?

For this pilot, we have teamed up with ARMEDANGELS, Otto, Besonnen and Vretena. What this means is we are working side-by-side on overcoming the issues that stand in the way of achieving a circular fashion business model. The initiators and Fairwertung are hosting regular workshops facilitating this knowledge exchange. And of course, we wouldn't get anywhere without the help of several sorting and recycling facilities, sharing their side of the story with us.  

What does the reverse supply chain look like?

Your returned Circular Tee will first be sent to Brockensammlung Bethel in Germany, which is the sorting facility we have teamed up with for this project. There, people with disabilities are inspecting the quality and sorting it into two categories: "approved for resell" or "due for recycling".

If the quality is approved, the now called "Pre-owned Circular Tee" receives a new packaging. As soon as a significant number of T-Shirts have been collected there, they are then sent to our warehouse just outside Berlin.

And the loop continues!

I have more questions or feedback I'd like to share. How can I get in contact with you?

That's amazing! We are still learning and gathering information, so your feedback and questions are very welcome!

Please email us at