Supplier Code of Conduct

At The Slow Label, we have strong ethical and environmental values. Our Supplier Code of Conduct ensures we only partner with suppliers who have gone through our supplier assessment and have proven to complying with our high environmental and social standards. Our team uses our Supplier Code of Conduct to conduct assessments at new and existing facilities. All suppliers, contractors and subcontractors in tier 1 (garment producers) and tier 2 (fabric producers) have to complete The Slow Label’s assessments.

Please note: We started assessing our suppliers using this strategy in April 2021. Our goal is to complete all assessments in the next months. Stay up to date on the progress on our Supplier Assessments page. 

The Four Steps 

Our Supplier Assessment starts with two forms - one on social standards and one on environmental standards - that our suppliers are asked to fill out truthfully. In some cases, we ask for proof or rely on certain certifications for validation. The assessment is concluded with the signature of our Supplier Code of Conduct and several video- and voice-calls with our contact person and their workers as well as photo documentation of the production facilities. 

Step 1: Fill out Supplier Information Form 01 - Social Standards
Step 2: Fill out Supplier Information Form 02 - Environmental Standards
Step 3: Sign Supplier Code Of Conduct
Step 4: Calls + Photo / Video Documentation

Our "Supplier Information Form 01 - Social Standards" and "Supplier Information Form 02 - Environmental Standards" are critical steps of our supplier assessment. We work in collaboration with all of our suppliers to gather the necessary information and continuously edit, adapt and add to our assessment questions and targets, depending on new regulations and new innovative practices. We encourage our suppliers to be honest and improvement-oriented, sharing with us areas of improvement that could be tackled, potentially in a collaborative way. We want to encourage positive change and believe this is only possible with authentic, honest and transparent communication.

We believe that by aligning on core values from the start - such as protecting human rights and enforcing ethical labor practices - we create the foundation for successful long-term relationships to achieve our mutual goals.

Supplier Code of Conduct


Zero Tolerance

These standards must be met and apply equally to all permanent, temporary, and agency workers. All suppliers must:

  • ensure all employees are paid at or above minimum wage.
  • offer safe and healthy working conditions.
  • agree not to engage in any form of human trafficking, slavery or forced labor.
  • ensure all employees are above the legal working age.
  • offer equal remuneration for staff within the same roles.
  • treat all employees with respect and prohibit workplace discrimination.
  • meet applicable legal laws and regulations and provide legally mandated pay, vacation days and benefits.
  • agree not to work employees overtime unless voluntary or compensated accordingly.
  • uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.
  • comply with the International Labour Standards, many of which are stated above.
  • comply with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to ensure fundamental human rights of all employees are protected.


These standards are desirable and will encourage successful long-term relationships to achieve our mutual goals.

  • Our company is independently audited and has the following certifications: ____
  • Our company is part of the Fair Wear Foundation.
  • Our company pays at or above the living wage.


Zero Tolerance

These standards must be met and apply equally to all permanent, temporary, and agency workers. All suppliers must:

  • be collaborative and provide all the information necessary to determine whether they comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • ensure no harmful chemicals are used throughout the production process. ensure all waste is properly disposed of.


As proof for the below mentioned standards, we accept certifications (depending on the supplier category) such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Standard 100 Oeko Tex and Global Recycle Standard.

  • We can prove that no harmful chemicals are used throughout the production process.
  • We can prove that all waste is properly disposed of.
  • We are offsetting carbon emissions.
  • We are using renewable energy sources.
  • We have taken action over the past year to reduce our carbon emissions through addressing impact hotspots across our business operations. These actions include: ______


Suppliers must confirm that their company complies with The Slow Label’s Supplier Code of Conduct and that they will disclose any non-compliance issues to The Slow Label.

Suppliers must inform The Slow Label immediately in case of subcontracting to a different supplier since subcontractors are required to fill out their own Supplier Information Form.

Suppliers must confirm that the information stated above is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge.