Raffia Bags

In Morocco, we are collaborating with a number of skilled artisan women to produce our raffia bags. These women are practicing a trade that is a symbol of their heritage. Instead of working with a factory, the women are hired individually. Most of them spend their days taking care of their children and produce raffia bags from the comfort of their own home. 

It is especially important now, during times where tourism all over the world is suffering, to support those who are feeling the decline in tourism first-hand. 

Improvement opportunity

For this product, our supply chain is not as transparent as we'd like it to be. We have met our contact, who is a woman living in Marrakech, in person. We know what percentage of the production cost goes to our contact, but we do not know how much each artisan is being paid. We also cannot trace the material supplier. 

These are areas of improvement and we are currently working towards answering all the unanswered questions. Covid-19 and the lockdowns have complicated the communication with our manufacturers in Marrakech.

Follow our improvement efforts here