Prato, Italy 




Products: Woven Scarf

➞ Assessment Status: Process started.
➞ Last visited by The Slow Label in 2021.


In 2021 we took a trip to Prato, Italy to find out more about the supply chain of our 100% recycled Woven Scarf. Turns out, we didn’t need to travel very far to see almost every production step!

The journey starts at the cashmere recycling facility, a four-person family business located in Prato. Every piece of clothing that arrives there, albeit GRS certified and sanitized, is being inspected by hand. To prepare the garments for recycling, the trims are being cut out and the remaining fabric is being sorted by color and shredded into fibers.

These fibers are then sent to the spinning facility in Prato. The first challenge there is to mix the recycled fibers of different color tones to achieve a desired color. This process is called mechanical dyeing and does not require any water or dye. Once the fibers are mixed, they go through a process of transformation - from fiber to thick yarn. The yarn is being refined in several production steps until it is spun and strengthened to the desired thickness.

At last, the yarn arrives at the scarf manufacturing facility (you guessed it - also just down the road), where it is woven into scarfs. “We are fifteen people now. Four family members and eleven employees”, the co-owner Daniela is telling us. She and her brother inherited the company from their father, who is still involved in the business. They are producing scarfs and blankets for some of the world's most luxurious fashion brands. Their attention to detail and warm and friendly work environment was instantly noticeable!