Salary: above minimum wage
Working hours: 40 hours per week (max. 8h/day)
Working days: 5 days per week
Vacation days: 22 days per year
Products: Classic Tee, Long-Sleeve Tee

➞ Assessment Status: Approved. Visited by our team in 2022.

We are consistently aiming to shorten our supply chain. This year we have made strides toward reducing our carbon footprint by producing our basics in Portugal when the fibre, fabric, dyeing, processing and production all take place within 30 minutes of each other.

Our basics are made at two sister companies, one specialises in sampling and the other in production. Once the fabric is dyed, it is transported by road to the sampling factory which is equipped with cutting machines. Here the fabric is spread onto large tables and the patterns are loaded onto digitized machines that use lasers to cut the fabric.

This cutwork is then sorted and bundled. These sorted bundles are sent to the production factory where the sewers sit in lines of 5-6 sewers. They create sort of a chain effect, one makes the sleeves, one the neck and another the final assembly. To sew the jersey basics, there are different machines used to ensure the stretch of the fabric is also maintained in the seams. It is a real team effort!