The Slow Label embodies a dedication to timeless elegance. We believe the essence of more sustainable and ethical clothing lies in the embrace of conscious consumption. We take pride in our deliberate approach to fashion, forgoing the constant cycle of new releases and instead, dedicating ourselves to crafting enduring pieces that transcend trends and time.

Our promise to you


You should know what you're buying. That's why we strive to share as much detail as possible about our pricing, suppliers and material origins. We also transparently share our shortcomings and improvement plans, because we strongly believe in the power of self-reflection and honesty.


When sourcing materials, we look for the most eco-friendly options: From fabrics to components like buttons, labels and rubber bands. Our aim is to create refined quality staples with a sustainable approach — to fit the world we live in. Sustainability is the driving force behind what we do.

Social Responsibility

The manufacturers we work with are the foundation of our business and we maintain a close relationship with them. We currently have a carefully selected network of manufacturers in Portugal, Italy, Poland and Lithuania. We disclose our supply chains on our product pages.