We aim to keep the value chain of the products that are part of our "Made in India" collection within the same country - India. Therefore, we have carefully selected fabrics from our production partner's close-knit network of small weaveries in India. 

These artisans use traditional techniques to create unique textiles, working with natural materials such as local certified organic cotton, hemp and TENCEL™ lyocell

Our production partner, Jyoti Fair Works, collaborates with several weaveries that prioritize sustainable and ethical production methods.

Herbal Fab is dedicated to producing fabrics using natural dyes and organic materials, ensuring that the entire process is environmentally friendly. They make the 100% certified organic cotton fabric for our Gathered Midi Skirt.

Translate focuses on creating contemporary designs through traditional handloom techniques, preserving the rich weaving heritage while providing fair wages and good working conditions for artisans. Translate makes our Woven Tee fabric, which is handwoven, showcasing the skill and creativity of the weavers.

Symphony specializes in handwoven fabrics that are crafted with attention to detail and a commitment to sustainability, supporting local weaver communities by ensuring fair compensation and promoting traditional craftsmanship. Through them we discovered some beautiful fabrics, that feature unique textures. Out of those, we created our Drawstring Pants, Drawstring Shorts, the Woven Tee Dress, our Bindle Bag and our Crossbody Bag. 

These partnerships reflect Jyoti's commitment to ethical fashion and sustainable practices, benefiting both the environment and the skilled artisans involved in the production process​.