Salary: above minimum wage
Working hours: 40 hours per week (max. 8h/day)
Working days: 5 days per week
Vacation days: 22 days per year
Products: Turtleneck Jumper & Beanie

➞ Assessment Status: Approved. Visited by our team in 2022.

To create our knitwear, we work with a specialised knitwear manufacturer with over 25 years of experience. Located near Porto, this factory is owned and run by a family. The small number of employees creates a family-like feeling and makes it easy for us to oversee the production. 

The process of creating knitwear is a technical process that involves a technician to program the machines on a computer. Each size for a sweater has a different program. It is then loaded on to the machines that read it and knit panels of the garment to the correct shape. This is known as fully fashioned knitwear as we are fashioning the panels to shape.

Our yarn is sourced from Italy and delivered on cones which are fed to the machine through yarn feeders and yarn carriers.

Once the panels are all knit, they are washed to achieve the correct handfeel and are then assembled through a process called linking. This is done on a circular linking machine with several needles where each stitch is manually loaded and linked together. The technicians handling these machines need to be extremely precise to avoid any holes in the seams. The knitwear is then steamed and measured to ensure accuracy in size. Thereafter, it is packaged and shipped out.