Improvement Efforts

We strongly believe in the power of self-reflection in order to create positive change and are committed to continuous improvement. In order to transparently share our current shortcomings and action plans to combat those, we have created this page.

You as a customer play an important part in this. We do not only want to self-reflect  we want to incorporate your feedback in this process. Please send us any suggestions to

Our shortcomings and improvements 


 Project Issue Solution / Action steps
Girlfriend Collective Yoga Wear Made of synthetic materials, which might shed microplastics  Even though recycled polyester is a much better material than virgin polyester, there are some downsides. We have therefore added the Guppyfriend washing bag to our store, which is a practical and effective way to reduce plastic pollution when washing clothes. 
SS20 Clothing Collection We tried buying sewing thread made of TENCEL™ fibers, which would have been the most sustainable option. However, we could not find a supplier that catered to our needs, as most minimum order quantities were too high for us.  We are working with an agency to source better and more sustainable materials. We aim to switch to 
sewing thread made of TENCEL™ fibers by the end of this year. 
SS20 Clothing Collection Our sizing only ranges from XS to L. As this is our first full ready-to-wear collection, we have invested a lot of money and time in the creation of our products. In order to avoid risks of overstock, we have decided to launch with a more narrow size range. Please let us know if the size you need is not available. We want to understand customer demand in order to then meet this demand with our next collection. 
Raffia Bag
For this product, our supply chain is not as  transparent as we'd like it to be. We have met our contact, who is a woman living in Marrakech, in person. We know what percentage of the production cost goes to our contact, but we do not know how much each artisan is being paid. We also cannot trace the material supplier. 
areas are in need of improvement and we are currently working towards answering all of the unanswered questions. Covid-19 and the lockdowns have
complicated the communication with our manufacturers in Marrakech.