The Slow Label stands for high quality, long lasting pieces. We want to slow down the fashion industry. Fair and sustainable manufacturing processes are our top priority, which is why we source our products only from certified manufacturers. The garments we source are ethically made in Bangladesh, strictly supervised by the Fair Wear Foundation. All our products are made of Global Organic Textile Standard "GOTS" certified organic cotton. The printing facility in Germany is also GOTS certified and uses only GOTS-approved colors. Transparency is our highest principle. We encourage you to ask questions, get in touch with us and stay curious. 

Where are the products made? 

Our products are ethically made in Bangladesh, strictly supervised by the Fair Wear Foundation. They are then being hand printed in Germany. Both our garment supplier and our printer are GOTS certified. The Fair Wear Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization striving to improve good working conditions of workers in garment factories. They are committed to ensuring fair wages, regular working hours, a safe working environment and anti-discrimination. The textile industry accounts for 80% of Bangladesh's export revenue each year. All in all, the garment and textile sector earns around $ 19 billion a year in exports. This corresponds to 20% of GDP. We believe that the only way to secure jobs and ensure economic growth is by supporting fair and ethical manufacturers.

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The Fabrics 

The process of selecting fabrics that the garments should be made of is tricky: You want them to be sustainably sourced and you also need to take into consideration, that one day these clothing pieces might be recycled. The environmental impact of a piece of clothing highly depends on the fabric it's made of. When you wash an item that contains synthetic materials (like polyester), microplastic might get into the water and end up in our oceans. For synthetic and mixed fibers, we therefore recommend using a Guppyfriend wash bag.

Most of our products are made of 100% organic cotton. The Tote bag and the Girlfriend Collective Yoga wear contains some recycled polyester. 

The Garments 

We source our unprinted garments from a producer who uses GOTS certified 100% organic cotton and OCS Blended certified fabric mixes. They are also Oeko-Tex and REACH certified. In addition, through their membership of the Fair Wear Foundation, we can assure you that the products are manufactured in an ethical and responsible manner.

The Printing process

Once the garments are produced, we then get them screen printed in Germany. The printing facility is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and uses only GOTS-approved colors. The printing inks are free from PVC and phthalates (plasticizers).