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At The Slow Label, we are guided by our values in every decision we make. We source sustainable materials, work with ethical suppliers and advocate for a more conscious consumerism. Our aim is to slow down the fast-paced fashion industry by approaching things with an honest and improvement-oriented mindset. 

Our capsule collections consist of garments that are timeless and versatile  two key factors in making clothing more sustainable and creating long-lasting positive change.

Getting dressed is a daily ritual — buying clothes shouldn’t be. We encourage you to continuously make conscious choices and cherish what you already have. Be an editor of your own creative world and see your wardrobe as a curation of things that make up your identity.


The Slow Label Team Renate Anna-Laura Kummer, Founder of The Slow Label


Meet the team

Sustainable fashion activist Anna-Laura Kummer is the founder and creative director of The Slow Label. Originally from Vienna but now based in Berlin, the 24-year-old has spent nearly a decade building a loyal audience and spreading her campaign around the world via Instagram and YouTube. Together with Renate she founded The Slow Label in 2019.

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Sustainability is at the core of our business. It is not just a term, but rather a driving force behind what we do. From the components that make up our garments to the sustainable printing service we use to print our packaging materials — we always question the status quo and try to find more sustainable solutions. 

As of July 10th, our product catalogue consists of 14 products from our own brand The Slow Label. 65% of our garments are made of TENCEL™ fibers, 14% are made of certified organic cotton, another 14 % are made of a recycled cotton and recycled polyester mix and 7% are made of Raffia. 

In terms of material use, we strive to better ourselves with every collection. It is important for us to only use natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable and/or low-impact materials. Both the fabrics as well as extra components like buttons, rubber bands and labels have been sourced consciously. Find out what our garments are made of on the individual product pages and learn more about our improvement efforts here


Anna-Laura Kummer Founder of The Slow Label 


Ethical Suppliers and manufacturers

The artisans and manufacturers we work with are the foundation of our business. We value the close relationship we have with our production teams around Europe and Morocco and seek to visit each manufacturer we work with at least once a year.

The garments of our summer 2020 collection are being produced by a team of six people in Stuttgart, Germany. These people bring years of experience, pay a lot of attention to detail and share our values. They work in a safe and bright working space and are paid a living wage. Take a look at their workspace here.

Our woven raffia bags are handmade in Marrakech, Morocco. The women making them are skilled artisans, practicing a trade that is a symbol of their heritage. It is especially important now, during times where tourism all over the world is suffering, to support those who are in need of job opportunities.  


The Slow Label 



We believe sustainability goes hand-in-hand with transparency, which is why we have followed the example set by other innovative brands and introduced more transparency in several aspects of our brand. (which should be the new normal)

Transparent pricing

Consumers should know what they are paying for in order to better understand the value of the products they purchase. We have therefore included a price breakdown on each product page, as well as an educational page explaining the makeup of retail prices in general.

Transparent supply chain

On our product pages, we disclose the makeup of each garment. This includes information on which materials have been used to make both the fabric as well as extra components like buttons, threads, rubber bands and labels. We are constantly improving the transparency of our supply chains and are doing our best to disclose as much detail as possible. 

Sustainability reports and improvements

We added a page to our website that will continuously show areas of improvement as we evolve into a more holistically sustainable brand. We believe in the power of self-reflection and honesty. Therefore, all issues and solutions will be disclosed there.


The Slow Label


We encourage you to ask questions, get in touch with us and stay curious!

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