Circular Tee Undyed


Unisex, oversized, circular. This T-Shirt is something special! In order to test a circular business model, we have embedded two features into this T-Shirt that make it traceable - from seed to finished garment and beyond. By scanning the QR code or the NFC button on the T-Shirt, you are taken on a journey of its past and future. 

This T-Shirt is part of our take-back program. Find out more here!

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Transparency - Circular Tee Undyed

Material Breakdown

Main fabric: 100% certified organic cotton.
The seed used in this case is Gossypium Arboreum, the indigenous type of cotton in India.

Rib: 97% certified organic cotton, 3% degradable elastane*
Fiber origin: India
Fiber processing: India
Yarn spinning: India
Fabric mill: Lithuania
Dye house: Lithuania

* We are using the sustainable alternative Roica V550 by the company Asahi Kasei, which is Cradle 2 Cradle Gold certified and is able to break down without releasing harmful substances into the environment at end of its life. 

Sewing thread: 100% cotton
Labels: 100% cotton, printed in Germany & Lithuania
NFC button: Made in Malaysia

Price Breakdown

-> Update 22/06/2022: New price breakdown coming soon!

Materials & Labor: 17.77 € *
Company Cost: 19.78 €
Logistics: 8.12 €
Tax: 8.78 €
Donations: 0.55 €

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* This cost includes all materials and fair labor, the NFC-button, Circularity.ID technology, Remei My-Trace-Technology and Remei supply chain certification.

For this T-Shirt, we operate at a very low margin. If you want to send it back after wearing it for a while, you may do so as part of our take-back program. You will in turn receive free return shipping and a 5 € thank you voucher.


Garment made in Lithuania. Trace back the entire supply chain here or scan the QR code inside the T-Shirt!

Some facts about the supply chain:

- The organic cotton farmers receive a purchase guarantee from Remei for their raw material as well as an additional premium of 15% above the local market price.

- The cotton used was ginned at the SA8000 certified ginning facility of Remei India Ltd. The ginning plant of Remei India Ltd. ensures quality production with the best possible living conditions and welfare of its employees.

- The yarn of the present textile was produced in the amfori BSCI audited spinning mill Maral.

- Knitting and dyeing of the fabric as well as manufacturing of the garments takes place in Lithuania. The SA8000 certified facility Utenos has been an important partner in Remei's supply chain since 1998.


This T-Shirt is part of our pilot project, which intends to test a circular business model.

The my-trace by Remei technology makes the T-Shirt fully traceable from seed to finished garment and beyond: The origins and material composition of our Circular Tee are fully transparent. You can simply scan the QR code printed on the care label to find out more.

The T-Shirt carries an NFC-button, sewn into the hem. This circularity.ID® shows origin and material composition of the Slow Label T-Shirt, explaining how it can be recycled or sent back to us. When you no longer wear your Circular Tee, we take it back, and offer it as a ‘pre-owned Circular Tee' on our website, giving it a second life.

Find more information about this pilot project and our take-back program here.
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