Taking Fashion Full Circle

As a brand, we believe that we should be held accountable for the lifecycle of our garments. Fixing an inherently unsustainable business model and solving the textile waste problem is not easy - it takes a collective effort and shared knowledge.

That's why we are excited to be part of the Closed Loop Pilot together with other trailblazers in the sustainable fashion industry. We are hoping to gain insights into how a truly circular business model could revolutionize the fashion industry.

Who is part of this pilot project? 

For this pilot, we have teamed up with ARMEDANGELS, Otto, Besonnen and Vretena. What this means is we are working side-by-side on overcoming the issues that stand in the way of achieving a circular fashion business model. The initiators and Fairwertung are hosting regular workshops facilitating this knowledge exchange. And of course, we wouldn't get anywhere without the help of several sorting and recycling facilities, sharing their side of the story with us. 

What's the idea behind it? How will you achieve circularity?


When will this project start? 

We will launch our Circular Tee towards the end of 2021. In order to make this model work, we need to first test it on a smaller scale, see how the whole supply chain could work and how our customers respond to it. 

2021: Produce the products, learn from experts, introduce the project and idea to our community, launch. 

2022: Take-back program starts, test the (reverse) supply chain, exchange learnings with other brands, tweak model.

2023: Hopefully expand take-back program to other products