We are committed to donating at least 1% of our gross sales to non-profit organizations. Back in July 2020 we started donating 1% to several organizations (see below). Starting January 28th 2021, we will be donating 2% of gross sales to a selected number of organizations. We will share our donation strategy for 2021 soon!

All donations made will be found on this page.

We will be donating to different environmental and social organizations. If you have any recommendations, please feel free to reach out to us


June 2020 We donated 5% of our gross sales in June to The Bail Project. Thanks to you we were able to support the project with $ 850, helping to provide free bail assistance, reunite families and restore the presumption of innocence. The Bail Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization, designed to combat mass incarceration. For more information please visit their website here.
July 2020 Our 1% donation went to Sea-Watch e.V. — we donated 385€.
August 2020
Our 1% donation went to Sea-Watch e.V. — we donated 210€.
September 2020
Our 1% donation went to Bbanga Project — we donated 260€.
October 2020 Our 1% donation went to Drip by Drip e.V. — we donated 110€.
November 2020
Our 1% donation went to SOS Balkanroute — we donated 900€.
December 2020 Our 1% donation went to Visions for Children e.V. — we donated 350€.